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Thanks to over ten years of exclusive dedication to criminal defense, we are able to provide exceptional legal services for even the most serious crimes, including sex assault and homicide cases. With our unwavering dedication, extensive experience, and deep understanding of the complexities involved, we are here to fiercely advocate for our clients’ rights and provide the strong defense you deserve. We develop a team of professionals to work on these cases, including Forensic Social Workers, Investigators, Paralegals, and Experts where necessary.

Sexual assault charges are serious and require skilled legal representation that has handled these types of cases before, and can advise clients of collateral consequences that are unique to these types of cases. At Kristi Martel Law, LLC, we approach these cases with sensitivity, compassion, and unwavering commitment.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of the laws surrounding sexual assault offenses and have successfully defended numerous clients facing such allegations. We will meticulously examine the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s case, and develop a strategic defense strategy aimed at protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome.

Homicide charges are among the most severe and complex criminal cases. Our firm recognizes the gravity of these allegations and the profound impact they can have on all involved.

We promptly assemble a team to work every angle of a homicide case, and diligently investigate the case to develop a strong defense from the outset.

It is our creative thinking and detail-oriented approach that allows us to craft a compelling defense strategy aimed at achieving the best possible outcome, whether it be going to trial, or negotiating a resolution that suits our client’s goals. 

At Kristi Martel Law, LLC, we understand the emotional toll and life-altering consequences that major crimes like sex assault and homicide can bring. Our compassionate team will listen to your story, provide unwavering support, and guide you through the legal process with empathy and understanding. We are our clients’ staunch advocates, fiercely protecting their rights and dignity.  

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