Marisol Villegas - PARALEGAL

Marisol Villegas, Pueblo Paralegal

Marisol Villegas has a passion for helping others. She does this every day by working diligently to provide client-centered assistance to each and every client of Kristi Martel Law. 

Ms. Villegas graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She has honed her skills since 2019 while working on countless criminal defense cases, and she continues to expand her skill set.

Ms. Villegas cares about this work because she sees how important it is for each client to be well-represented in the criminal justice system. She wants each client to know they are taken care of, and that their case is in experienced hands. She works hard to make sure every case is well-organized and prepared for Ms. Martel to step into court and fight for your constitutional rights. 

Ms. Villegas loves working in this field because it is fulfilling and allows her to grow and help others every day.