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Thank you so much Kristi! This was my 1st ever experience in court and it felt scary needing to have a defense attorney and she was transparent and really had my best interest in mind. I know lawyers are there to aid people legally not to be caring, but I really felt comfortable with her and encouraged by her. Her methods really helped me a lot and I’m grateful. Simply an incredible woman both in her field and as a human being! Thank you again! My stress and anxiety has been relieved.
Alex M. C.
Kristi Martel handled my case with delicateness and compassion! She work diligently and tirelessly to get the desired results. I would recommend Kristi Martel for anyone looking for a great lawyer! She was professional and always honest, she never left any grey areas and she genuinely cared about me as a person. 10/10 you won’t regret!!
We can't thank Kristi Martel enough. Kristi is so easy to talk to, she is incredibly welcoming and understanding. Everytime I have any questions or concerns, she answers them in a very timely manner. The first time I met with her I wanted to talk to her for hours. She gave us the outcome we were praying for. I highly recommend Kristi Martel. Thank you from the Carbajal family. We appreciate you!
Nancy C.
Highly recommend Ms. Martel. She works diligently to get your case resolved and she is great about communicating with her client. I'm very grateful to her for handling my case so professionally and quickly!!
Val H.
Kristi Martell is a brilliant lawyer. She diligently worked for a family member and was able to navigate through many roadblocks and obtained the best possible outcome in what was originally a DUI case. Ms. Martell is very personable and likes to get to know her clients and this develops a strong attorney-client working relationship. Highly recommended!
Leslie D.
Absolutely the best! Before she was even hired she had reviewed EVERYTHING in the case and found a lot of helpful evidence that other lawyers had not found. Will recommend to ANYONE looking for a defense lawyer!
Tera J.
I couldn't have got a better lawyer to work with and handle my case. Kristi Martel was the best , she was on top of everything and reviewed all evidence and witnesses and always knew what steps to take next. I am so pleased with the way she handled my case. Thank You so much for what you have done for me and got my case dismissed. You and your firm will always be highly recommended by , you are the best defense attorney and one of the smartest. I hope I never need a defense attorney again but if I ever do I would love to have you on my side.
Rex C.
Kristi Martell was very nice and understanding. I never felt judged. She was as always on top of my case and made sure I understood everything going on. She worked hard to make sure for the best outcome and I was happy with it. Thank you Ms. Martell.
Tomasita D.
Kristi was great. She is very professional and very informative with any questions I have asked. She will put in the time to help with any issue or case that is given to her. Thank you
Chad M.
Ms. Kristi Martel is a good lawyer. I had a good experience with her being my lawyer. Ms. Martel is caring person who cares bout her clients and not just another case. She gets the job done in a timely manner. She knows what she's doing. Ms. Martel always stays on top of communication with her clients and she doesn't forget bout them. I highly recommend Ms. Martel as a lawyer. She one of the good guys she knows her stuff. To anyone who needs a dam good lawyer I highly recommend her toto the job and get it done. Thank you so much Ms. Martel for taking my case and treating me with respect and being straight forward person. There's not a lot of lawyers like you. Your one of a kind. Sincerely.
Yolanda P.
Kristi did an AMAZING job with my speeding ticket case with great communication and hard work ethics id definitely work with her again!
Jonathan R.
I was very pleased with the services that Kristi Martel provided me with. She made sure to explain everything before it happened keeping me updated with changes. She fought hard to keep me from going to jail, I couldn't ask for a better lawyer, if I ever need a lawyer in the future, she is the one I'm calling. Hands down a very good lawyer!!!
Tracy S.
Kristi is an amazing lawyer! She fought hard beside my family member and the dismissed the case completely! If you need a great attorney one that will fight for you till the end she is the one! If we ever need a lawyer again will never hesitate to call Martel law!
Darcy M.
Kristi was amazing. She helped me with every step of the way. Couldn't have asked for someone better. If I ever need another attorney she will be my first call!
Jared H.
Kristi and her staff were impeccable! So efficient and and FAST. They were able to get a case started for me at the last minute with the greatest outcome. I can’t express my gratitude enough, if any other needs arise, Ms Martel will definitely be my ‘go-to’!
Dustin O.
Best attorney I've ever came across in state of Colorado. She goes above and beyond for you and your case/ cases even involving herself in other cases giving me good advice as well as helping me contact my other attorney whomever isn't anything like her. No regrets hands down. ⭐ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Angie M.
So let me tell you about Ms. Kristi Martel!! I have a pretty complicated case right now that could turn out badly for me in the end. Ms. Martel is putting her entire heart and soul into my case and, at this point, win, lose or draw... I couldn't have been led to a better attorney!!

If you're looking for an attorney who will include you in every step of your defense and give her all, Ms. Martel is definitely the attorney for you!! I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed with the service you receive from her!!!
Shelly H.
I highly recommend this firm. Kristi Martel Law goes above and beyond to ensure what’s right is right. No matter how high the bar, this firm executes with precision.
Adrian H.
I had a great experience with Kristi and everything was done in a timely manner, record sealed and all! Definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer!
Vanessa R.
Honestly the the best lawyer I worked with and her team is amazing.!! Definitely recommend.! They are awesome.!!
Bleu M.
Hands down the BEST lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of working with... Aggressive and informative. If I could give her 10 stars I would give her 20
Christopher A.
Kristie’s one of the best lawyer’s here in Pueblo, I would definitely recommend her.
Anthony L.